Our Foundation Providers

Dr. Sergio Sotelo
Dr. Al Canon
Dr. Richard Reznick

Optometrist (Teens/Adults)
Dr. Darah Sheahan

Optometrist (Pediatric)
Dr. Stephen Cohen

Dentist (Teens/Adults)
Dr. Phillip Hopper

Dentists (Pediatric)
Dr. Chaet
Julie Anfinson
Timothy R. Wilson

Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Jack Friedland
Dr. Edward Joganic

Steve Twist

From the Founder of Heather's Haven of Hope

I started my non-profit for the benefit of the innocent victims of domestic violence – the children.
I know from personal experience just how much they suffer because of the abuse, their perception of the abuser, the loss of home and the security it should have provided. They will suffer for the rest of their lives and may turn into abusers themselves unless we provide some semblance of normalcy.  My hope is that by providing the necessary care by doctors, dentists, optometrists, physiologists, and other professional caregivers, they will see that life can be normal for them.

My children needed this help because I could not protect them or provide the necessary help.
I could not afford dental care, doctors, etc. and forget the state aid.  It’s very basic and really does nothing except the very least it can.  I lived it.  I know!  These children need your help.

If you have given to other charities before, please consider giving to Heather’s Haven of Hope.  The benefit of our foundation is directed for the care and well being of these innocent victims,
the children.

- Heather